Goodwill’s re-entry program to help employ people affected by criminal justice issues

Goodwill West Texas is expanding employment services and programs for justice-involved individuals through its Reentry Point program.

Reentry Points’ mission is to equip individuals with the appropriate knowledge and guidance to help them achieve success after serving their sentence. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 60% of formerly incarcerated people struggle with unemployment.

Investing time, education and resources in our justice-involved neighbors is a proven strategy for breaking the cycle of recidivism, said Goodwill West Texas CEO Rick Waldraff. This program not only helps individuals re-acclimate to our community, but provides an opportunity to make our community safer and stronger.

Andre Gwinn Sr., re-entry program specialist, said that since its official launch in October 2023, 35 people have used the program. The long-term goal of the program is to train 100 people in the Big Country within the first six months of its duration. If successful, Goodwill plans to expand its operations to serve people affected by justice issues across 35 counties.

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