An Indian-origin techie quits his Rs 6.5 crore job at Meta to start his own startup

Rahul Pandey, an Indian-born technology professional turned entrepreneur who left his high-paying job at Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook Inc), recently talked about what led him to make the final call on the career front. His revelations shed light on the challenges he faced, which led to his decision to leave the tech giant after nearly five years of service, even as he drew an annual salary of nearly ₹6.6 crore.

Pandeys’ journey to Meta Platforms in his first months was characterized by intense anxiety and imposter syndrome.

“My journey wasn’t about simply counting $100 bills,” he shared on LinkedIn. For the first six months after joining Facebook, I was very anxious. As a senior engineer, I felt imposter syndrome. I had difficulty adapting to the company’s culture and tools, he added.

The turning point for Pandeys came two years into his tenure, when he developed an internal tool that streamlined workflow across the organization, earning him recognition and promotion. Reflecting on this achievement, Pandey stated that I not only had the technical knowledge to complete my work, but also had enough context to lead the projects. This is a key part of being a senior engineer and beyond (staff or chief engineer).

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