The Finnish startup provides PLN 330,000. pre-seed funds to address organizational knowledge fragmentation using cutting-edge artificial intelligence – ArcticStartup


– Advertisement – Helsinki-based startup Wudpecker has raised $330,000 in pre-seed funding from investors including Trind Ventures, Accelerace and Sofokus Ventures. The funding round was initiated on Slush’s year-round Node by Slush platform. An AI-powered knowledge management platform extracts and centralizes critical information from various sources, enabling professionals to efficiently access and use data to …

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The Artificial Intelligence Task Force outlines a scenario of rising unemployment and poverty in the UK by 2030

Stay up to date with free updates Just register in Artificial intelligence myFT Digest – delivered directly to your inbox. On Thursday, Rishi Sunak will seek to reassure the public about the risks posed by artificial intelligence, as the UK government outlines a possible scenario in which advances in automation lead to a rise in …

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