I am 67 years old and I am discriminated against because of my age. What can I do?

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I am an experienced, unemployed porter. I had many job interviews and one in particular was going well until I was asked my age. I’m 67 years old, but isn’t it illegal to ask? Then they said they would interview more people. I’m taking my case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but I still need a job. Any advice?

I’m sorry you lost your job and are having trouble finding another one. I can’t deny that your age may have played a role in the company’s decision not to hire you.

Age discrimination in employment laws prohibit employers from taking adverse employment action on the basis of age for people aged 40 or over, but just because you’re in a protected class doesn’t mean the decision about your employment was decided due to your age. The law does not expressly prohibit employers from asking questions about age, only that age cannot be a factor in the decision. The next appropriate step was to refer the matter to the EEOC. Good porters are hard to find, and it’s a profession where working beyond the age of 70 is not unusual. It’s not like it’s a physically demanding job. (This crack will cost me an extra tip this year with my boys!) Don’t give up. Show up by projecting the same image that companies expect from their doorman, and you should soon be able to land something.

Even when faced with age discrimination in employment law, employers may still ask about your age.
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ANDIt’s college application time and I’m stressed about my daughter. My question: Is the field I declare important when looking for a job?

First of all, I’m in the same boat as you, so I feel you. There is definitely a need for a support group not only for students going through this process, but also for parents. Sometimes they are more stressed than their children and pass this stress on to them. Here’s what I can tell you. I guarantee that no matter what field she chooses, it will have no impact on her once she graduates. I also guarantee that there will be a suitable school for everyone. Whatever she wants to do professionally, she will be able to do it, regardless of which school she gets into. So do you both a favor and get some cookies and hot chocolate ready while you work on these essays and make it fun.

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