Capgemini and Deloitte win Australian graduate awards

Professional services firms Capgemini and Deloitte continue their streak of human resources accolades, receiving the latest graduate employment awards from industry body AAGE.

The Australian Graduate Employers Association has launched its latest annual industry awards for graduate recruitment and development (called AGRIA), and this year’s winners include professional services firms Capgemini and Deloitte.

Consultancy Capgemini, previously named one of the top ten employers of graduates in the country by AAGE, has now won the award for most outstanding graduate program for over 50s, ahead of fellow finalists BDO, Atlassian and Allens.

Meanwhile, an equivalent award for hosting under 50s went to the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning, a recent award-winning client of Nous Group, whose finalists included Partners in Performance.

In a candid post on LinkedIn Janani DSilva, director of culture and engagement at Capgeminis, noted the importance of the way people are treated during the critical early phase of their careers, describing her own depressing experience of entering the workforce and the long-lasting feeling of inadequacy that resulted. When you go to round after round of job interviews and all you get is a tap on the shoulder to let you know you should leave. No comment, just a shudder.

Fast forward to five years ago and Capgemini decided to rethink its graduate program, asking itself whether it was possible to maintain operational excellence while driving empathy and building connections across a diverse, distributed workforce. The results speak for themselves. In addition to AAGE, the company is also recognized as one of the top ten employers by both GradAustralia and GradConnection, and CEO Kaylene OBrien was recently named HR Australia Champion of the Year.

Deloitte, another consultancy consistently praised for its human resources practices, including employment innovation, meanwhile received the AGRIA award for most outstanding integrated marketing campaign in the over 50 graduate recruitment category. However, the market innovation award for AAGE graduates went to Atlassian, the finalist in the pipping category of the software company Ernst & Young and the consulting and service company CyberCX.

Deloitte’s attractiveness as an employer was also reflected in individual nominations for most popular recruiter, with talent acquisition advisor Ashley Holihan taking home the trophy (big program) ahead of Deloitte colleagues Alice Ru, Angelos Zervas and last year’s winner Alyssa Mifsud. The award for the medium program went to Farah Bayleythe finalists included fellow GHD star Sarah Cullen and BDO pair Charlie Cowell and Jess Saunders.

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