Breaking Bread Barriers: Aspiring entrepreneurs start home delivery of Kashmiri bread

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Srinagar, October 25: Two ambitious teenagers, 17-year-old Anas Bhat (Zain) and 18-year-old Mohsin Mir, introduced a well-thought-out and innovative business concept – delivering traditional Kashmiri bread, known as “Kander Tshot”, to the doorsteps of residents.

Their venture, aptly named “Kander cxot,” became a beacon of hope and comfort in a region accustomed to long waiting lines and morning struggles.

The birth of their innovative idea came with a number of challenges, but Anas and Mohsin remained steadfast, driven by the desire to make life easier for family members and other Kashmiris who had to stand in morning queues for this beloved traditional bread.

“This trip made us realize the importance of helping our family members who have difficulty waiting in lines for hours early in the morning,” Zain said.

In a region where economic conditions can be unforgiving and entering the business world can be daunting, these young entrepreneurs showed their passion, resilience and determination. Their unwavering commitment allowed them to overcome initial obstacles, ultimately transforming a humble start-up into a thriving enterprise.

“We initially started by distributing brochures to inform people about our services, but now we have switched to a mobile application to make our operations even more convenient,” Zain added.

The transition from paper leaflets to a digital platform illustrates the constant pursuit of convenience and modernization of the business model. This innovation fits perfectly into changing consumer preferences and the need for convenience in today’s dynamic world.

The story of Anas and Mohsin is an inspiring testament to the potential of youth, innovation and perseverance. Their journey shows how dreams can become reality when fueled by ambition, effort and a true desire to improve the lives of those around them.

Their venture continues to grow and evolve, exemplifying the entrepreneurial spirit that can create positive change in communities while also providing a delicious taste of tradition right on the doorstep of the Kashmir valley. This endeavor not only upholds the time-honored tradition of Kander Tschot, but also brings comfort and smiles to the people it serves.

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