Duo used ChatGPT to build an AI startup for Rs 15,000 and sell it for one crore

Using the power of generative artificial intelligence, two friends – Sal Aiello and Monica Powers – turned a modest investment of $185 (approx. 15,000) into a thriving business venture.

The duo conceptualized and developed DimeADozen, a groundbreaking AI research tool designed specifically for testing business ideas. Their creation, which began as a side venture, recently found new owners in a significant transaction worth $150,000 (approx. 1.2 crore), CNBC reported.

Aiello, the technology startup’s chief technology officer, and Powers, a skilled product designer and entrepreneur, met at a virtual meeting of startup founders hosted by Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator. Their collaboration quickly came to fruition when they realized the untapped potential of using artificial intelligence in validating business ideas.

What does a startup do?

The genesis of DimeADozen is the ability to ask precise questions to the ChatGPT AI chatbot, refining their queries to obtain valuable and actionable insights. Recognizing the broader market appeal of their innovative approach, they developed an artificial intelligence-based research tool.

DimeADozen has streamlined this process by allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to submit their ideas via a form. The tool then used advanced algorithms to transform this information into comprehensive reports analyzing potential investors, customers and competitors.

DimeADozens’ performance became evident as it outperformed traditional analytics agencies and search engines, delivering reliable results in record time. With an initial investment of $185, the duo saw that their side business generated significant profits with minimal expenses. DimeADozen had revenue of more than $66,000 in seven months, according to documents reviewed by CNBC Make It.


Their success story reached a new level when Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille, a husband and wife team consisting of a software engineer and a product designer, saw the potential of DimeADozen. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they purchased the company for $150.00.

Despite the sale, Aiello and Powers remain actively involved with DimeADozen, continuing their roles as advisors to the company and devoting several hours each week to nurturing their ideas. Aiello expressed his aspirations for the tool, hoping it could attract the attention of industry giants like Salesforce and potentially become a ubiquitous solution for companies looking for validation and insights, CNBC reports.

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