Spirits heritage: China’s 1,300-year-old Yanghe Distillery eyes wider international markets with portfolio of smooth baijiu

Yanghe Distillery owns the Yanghe and Shuanggou baijiu brands, which have over 1,300 years of history dating back to the Ming Dynasty. It has an established position in the country as one of the largest local baijiu companies.

Baijiu as a category of spirits is known for its high alcohol by volume (ABV) and often strong flavor, but Yanghe has gained fame for its distinctive mild flavor, described as smoother, softer and more pleasant compared to the intensity of regular baijiu.

Yanghe is able to guarantee this mild flavor in our products thanks to the natural conditions in our distillery, – said Veronica Wang, head of the international business department at Yanghe FoodNavigator-Asia.

Our water source is located in a unique place where the waters of the Huaihe River, Yellow River, Grand Canal, Hongze Lake and Luoma Wetland meet, which has a naturally sweet quality.

The surrounding soil also contains a wide range of microorganisms that enter the water and catalyze the production of our alcohol, resulting in a full-bodied and fragrant product with a characteristic mild and pungent taste.

The company also uses base alcohol stored in underground cellars to produce baijiu, which is said to date back centuries and uses traditional artisanal distillation techniques to control flavor and production.

We currently have a product range aimed at both the premium and mid-range markets, for high-end consumers, this is the Dream Blue range, with an emphasis on packaging and taste, aimed at the premium palate, she said.

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Image Source : www.foodnavigator-asia.com

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